Help Us Kill the TPP!

URGENT APPEAL: Help Make Sure We Defeat the TPP!

stop_the_tpp_fund_graphicWith Election Day upon us, all eyes are on the future direction our great nation will take. It’s comforting to know that both major presidential campaigns are speaking out strongly against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), along with a deep and wide cross-section of Americans.

But make no mistake about it: the White House plans to introduce this horrible trade scheme for a vote during the post-election Lame Duck session of Congress. THAT COULD BE IN ONE WEEK!

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The corporations behind the TPP understand that 2016 is their best shot of getting this raw deal approved, so they’re going all-in on this and a mighty struggle will soon be upon us. We’re gearing up by:

  • Locking Down NO Votes among California’s Congressional delegation. So far, we’ve received public commitments from several representatives, but we need to secure as many additional NO votes as we can in the next two weeks.
  • Mobilizing people across the state to call their representatives, visit their offices, and participate at public actions to let them know their constituents are dead set against this corporate power grab, both before and after it’s introduced in Congress.
  • Descending on Washington, DC with our coalition allies on November 30, to be sure that Congress feels the heat, and knows that a truly broad-based movement is at-the-ready to stop bad trade deals and stand up for a just economy.

Your support can make all the difference in whether we win or lose this fight. Can we count on you? Please consider a one-time donation of $25, $50, or even $100 to make sure we’re strong enough to close in on victory over the TPP by mid-November.

NATIONAL CALL-IN ACTION: Lastly, we’re calling on all our supporters to please sign up for our Thunderclap action (see below) to activate your social networks and flood Congress with #StopTPP calls November 15-17.

Thank you for all you do to help build a better future for us all,

Aaron Lehmer-Chang
Executive Director
California Trade Justice Coalition
An affiliate of the Citizens Trade Campaign


#StopTPP November Call-in Action

anti-tpp_call-in_graphicThe TPP is NOT dead. Despite immense, bipartisan opposition, the White House is more determined than ever to force a post-election, “lame-duck” vote on the deal. That is the unique moment in the political calendar when representatives are least accountable to their constituents.

America’s largest labor unions, online advocacy groups, and environmental and public interest organizations are gearing up to flood Congress with #StopTPP calls November 15-17. We cannot allow a sneaky vote on the TPP during the “lame duck” session of Congress.

Join our Thunderclap action to let everyone know about the call-in days and keep the pressure on our elected representatives