COVID-19, Trade and Resilience Webinar

The California Trade Justice Coalition organized a webinar to discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic and how it relates to decades of so-called “free trade agreements”. View the recording below.

Webinar sponsored by: Global Exchange, Citizens trade Campaign, United Steelworkers, Local Clean Energy Alliance, California Trade Justice Coalition, Trade Justice Education Fund, CancerFAM

The COVID-19 crisis has been exacerbated by decades of so-called “free trade agreements” focused on prioritizing private profits over healthy communities. In California, we are feeling these effects more than ever.

Even worse, corporate lobbyists are using this crisis to push for more trade deals that will harm working people, the environment and access to affordable lifesaving medicines. This status quo is unsustainable and unethical — and has caused disproportionate harm to black Americans domestically and to people of color across borders.

We held a virtual town hall to discuss the connection between COVID-19, trade, resilience and racial justice.

Catherine Houston works for the United Steel Workers (USW) District 12 discussed how trade policies have outsourced America’s medical equipment & PPE manufacturing capacity.

Hannah Lyon of Cancer Families for Affordable Medicine (CancerFAM) discussed ways trade agreements have hurt public health.

Jessica Tovar of the Local Clean Energy Alliance discussed ways the COVID-19 pandemic provides a window into the climate crisis and climate solutions.

David Bacon discussed how bad trade deals have driven down working conditions and human rights standards in ways that have hindered nations’ response to the crisis.

Will Wiltschko, director of the California Trade Justice Coalition moderated.